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Where is the Heal For Life Foundation Located?

We have several different locations to help with healing, including:

  • New South Wales — our head office
  • Western Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Philippines

For any questions about our services at any of these locations, contact us via email or phone. You can also find more information on our website.

What Makes the Heal For Life Foundation Different?

Our caregivers and facilitators have been through childhood trauma themselves. They have the desire to help from within, knowing what childhood abuse means. They help from a place of having been in the situation and knowing that there is hope. They know what it takes to come out on top of abuse and their wish is to help others do the same.

Independent research

Through independent research, we’ve discovered that 98% of our guests have found our programs beneficial in helping them heal from trauma experienced in their childhood years.Our workshops are designed not only to heal the surface, but to help guests understand why they may behave the way they do today. We get to the core of the situation and are able to heal it from within.

non-profit organisation

Heal For Life is a non-profit organisation dedicated to offering care, support, and resources to victims of child abuse. We provide the facilities to help victims work towards a healthy healing process.

important aspects

At Heal for Life, we provide guests with the tools and knowledge to appease their triggers when and if necessary. One of the most important aspects of our programs is the knowledge that anyone can change!

Why Do Guests Participate in Our Programs?

Guests participate in our programs if they experience any of the following:

  • Feelings of being unsafe at night
  • Poor sleep (difficulty going to sleep, staying asleep or waking up)
  • Desire to sleep excessively
  • Nightmares
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Feelings of shame, guilt, self-blame
  • Addictions to alcohol, sex, gambling, drugs, excessive spending, compulsive behaviours
  • Flashbacks to memories, fear, panic attacks
  • Crying outbursts, hopelessness and despair
  • Anger, irritability, resentment
  • Feeling numb emotionally
  • Self-destructive or impulsive behaviour
  • Feeling disconnection or being co-dependent in relationships
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-harm to the body and/or eating disorders
  • Dangerous behaviours, problems with the law
  • Memory lapses, difficulty in decision-making, feeling overwhelmed

Our Team

Dr. David Martin


Dr. Jen Ballard


Dr. Steven Moore


What Programs Does Heal For Life Provide?

Our different programs are:

  • Adult Programs
  • Young Women’s Programs
  • Young Men’s Programs
  • Youth Programs
  • Kids Kamp
  • Private Retreats

What Is the Model For the Healing Process?

  • Survivors of childhood abuse direct our programs. We believe that survivors of childhood trauma know how to help others best. Guests can be sure that others who have been through the similar pain are the ones offering care.
  • We select our caregivers carefully and we focus on having our guests feel safe. We know the sensitivity of the topic and ensure that our guests know they are safe in our programs at all times.
  • We understand that all trauma affects the brain. We do not compare. There is no weight of one trauma over another. All trauma affects the brain and we ask guests not to compare their trauma to others. No person deserves more support over another.

We provide community. During the week of healing and beyond, we live as a loving and functioning community with healthy habits. Guests, volunteers, facilitators and peer supporters join forces to create an environment of spiritual reflection, sharing meals,


Handling power and authority

Handling power and authority

Handling power and authority. Abuse and power are entangled with one another and we understand this. We ensure that all of our guests are treated with dignity and respect. We do not tell anyone what to do, fix or try to control anybody in our programs.

We help connect survivors with their unique traumas so that they can heal

We help connect survivors with their unique traumas so that they can heal. We recognise that in order to provide healing for ourselves, we must first release the emotions that we were not able to express when traumatised. Many times, we had to repress our emotions to survive.

At Heal For Life

At Heal For Life, we support our guests as they empower themselves. We acknowledge and encourage guests to express the emotion that has been associated with the trauma.

No time restrictions.

Although we encourage guests to follow the process of healing during the week, healing doesn’t have to be done all at once.

healing practice

It is up to the guest to decide what’s best for them from the program. After leaving our facilities, we ask guests to continue with their healing practice in their home lives.

time period

. If ever desired, guests are able to come back after leaving a three-month time period in between.

We heal together. As our guests are survivors of child abuse, so are our facilitators. Mutual learning is very much a part of this journey. We all grow and support each other during the time we’re together.Unconditional love, understanding and tolerance are paramount. In our programs, we believe and validate our survivors. We are heard. We share our emotions with each other every day.

Lauren Hicks

Higher power connection. At Heal For Life we follow the teaching of Jesus Christ, but we encourage guests to explore any spiritual teaching that calls to them. We believe that a connection to a Higher Power is important for a holistic healing approach.What is the Philosophy of Our Healing? We believe that everyone has the intrinsic power to heal from trauma and abuse inflicted during our childhood years.

Elenor Walsh

We base our programs on the most recent neuroscience research and combine it with experience and knowledge.We believe that it is essential for everyone to control their journey of healing. Only we know what is best for us to heal.We experience healing holistically, including the body, the mind and the spirit.We believe that feeling love, feeling accepted and feeling validated is imperative for a person to find healing.We believe that as facilitators who have suffered abuse, we are most able to relate and understand, thus helping others to heal.We know that all people, no matter their race, gender, culture, religion, or sexual preference have the inherent right to heal.

Nick Burns

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